A warning to business owners and managers, you are a big part of the problem!

Published on 2022-01-13. Modified on 2022-01-13.

In my last couple of articles, mainly So-called modern web developers are the culprits and Is the madness ever going to end? I have written about some of the major problems with so-called modern web development and I have addressed the issues to the developers themselves, which is where I think most of the blame lies. However, in some cases the business owners and managers are the true culprits. They are the major driving force behind the bad decisions, so if you're a business owner or a manager looking for the quick fix, I advice you to read this article carefully.

The issues I am about to address in this article are serious matters and it is something I have seen more than once.

I am an entrepreneur myself and I am currently involved in a business venture with a company that had burned their fingers badly just before we went into business together. So, this article is not just a rant, it is an attempt to make a serious matter manifestly clear because it is at the root of the problems. If you're a business owner or manager and you haven't read my previous articles, take a moment and go read them before you continue, then come back to this.

I am blaming the developers for the problems we're facing, but in some cases the developers have no choice, they are being pushed by the business owner and/or manager.

The thing I have heard over and over again from business owners and managers is this sentence:

We need to get something up and running quickly, then when we're making money, we can make it better, add security, and fix any issues.

Let me try to help you understand why this is such a catastrophic way of thinking. If you are going to build a house, you first need to build a solid foundation. If you mess that up, then no matter how much money you have made, when you start to see cracks in the building, you cannot fix it by simply mending and bending this or that, you need to tear down the house, remove the bad foundation, and then build a new house on top of a new solid foundation. It's the same situation with technology and software.

This illustration is what you get when you go for the quick fix. Sure, you've got something up and running fast, but it's not going to last in the long run.

Scetch of a house on top of a car with a man stearing the car from the roof

This drawing represents what you get when you follow the "modern way of web development".

Allow me to address some of the major issues I have had to clean up at a client more than once.

Greed is fantastic right? Money, money, money. The funny thing is that all the bad choices you make in the beginning because you want to save time and money comes back and bites you in the ass. In the long run you pay dearly for that.

I could properly go on and on for hours, but I will stop here with one last advice: Stop going for the quick fix. You need to think long term not short term. No amount of will power or money (unless you're really loaded) can make up for your mess when you have to do everything over from scratch, which is what I have seen multiple times.