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SOAP Tutorial

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SOAP Tutorial


SOAP is a simple XML-based protocol to let applications exchange information over HTTP.

In our SOAP tutorial, you will learn what SOAP is, and how it uses XML to exchange information between applications.

Start learning SOAP now!

Table of Contents

Introduction to SOAP
This chapter explains what SOAP is and why SOAP is useful.

SOAP Syntax 
This chapter describes the building blocks of SOAP and SOAP syntax rules.

SOAP Envelope
This chapter describes the SOAP Envelope element.

SOAP Header
This chapter describes the SOAP Header element.

This chapter describes the SOAP Body element.

SOAP Fault
This chapter describes the SOAP Fault element.

This chapter is an introduction to the SOAP HTTP binding.

SOAP Example
This chapter describes a SOAP example.

SOAP Summary
This chapter contains a summary on what you have learned in this tutorial and a recommendation on what subject you should study next.

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