Good Websites

The internet is a terrible place but there are a few good websites. Yes i'm including clearnet sites, so I guess you could think of this as a list of good darknet sites and a clearnet hall of shame.

What makes a website READABLE:

  1. The website is viewable on any web browser including text-based browsers like Lynx. I should not have to enable JavaScript or use a bloated browser such as Google Chrome in order to access a website.
  2. The website does not use Cloudflare. I do not want my "HTTPS encrypted" activity being decrypted by a known honeypot.
  3. The website does not block Tor or VPNs from accessing the website. I should not have to expose my real IP address to simply read content on a website.

If a website fails to meet all of these requirements, forget about it.

What makes a website GOOD:

  1. The website has zero JavaScript requirement for reading and posting. If I have to enable JS to do anything on the website, then it's not a good website.
  2. The website allows posting through Tor.
  3. The website is completely self-contained. This means it does not connect to any third-party domains. It doesn't use any CDNs, ReCaptcha or hCaptcha, Google analytics, etc.
  4. The website does not use so much CSS to the point to where it runs slowly or even freezes my browser. This isn't really a problem when using browsers that don't support CSS, but it is on most other browsers. Some CSS is fine, but too much of it is not.

I will not be including websites that require JS for basic functionality or use Cloudflare. If a website on this list starts requiring JS or using Cloudflare, let me know so I can remove it. I also wont be including any unethical stuff like markets or porn.

Finally, when you are using Tor, you have to be mindful. You're not going to accidentally click on CP. You have to be aware and not click on anything suspicious. If you see anything that even implies CP, don't click on it and move on. You should also remember that CP isn't exclusive to darknets. It's on the clearnet too. Any website that allows posting is vulnerable to CP, even if the website strictly forbids it and removes it as soon as possible. But this doesn't mean you should stay away from anything that isn't Google or Facebook. It just means you should be alert and if someone does post CP, just report it (if possible) and move on.

For more Tor sites, see Qorg11's list of hidden web websites and Let's Decentralize.

I don't necessarily endorse everything on the websites linked below.

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